Leone Rehab Resources utilizes advanced methods to operate the clinical and business aspects of the rehabilitation departments we manage. These systems help us integrate and coordinate the activities of therapy services to the overall operations within the institutional care setting. Starting with patient scheduling and ending with data analysis, LRR Rehab Management Services gets results by using software, technology, research, data banking, and communication to support our contracted relationships. Our Management Systems remain up-to-date and evolve with our entire practice of care-giving and management of rehabilitation services.

Patient Management

Leone Rehab Resources knows one of the keys to patient and physician satisfaction is timely scheduling and accurate patient registration for rehab services. LRR can implement the use of specialized scheduling software that can streamline patient intake and help you manage the entire course of care. It also permits us to draw valuable management data for analysis of staffing and operational policies. Timely modification of service delivery and staffing mix can create cost efficiencies in service and care.

Therapy Documentation

Leone Rehab Resources knows that proper and timely documentation of care is critical to both physician satisfaction and reimbursement. Our company uses software capable of assisting all therapy staff with the completion of necessary evaluations, progress notes, and discharge summaries. All notes are specific to therapy and aid professional staff in the development of concise but comprehensive Electronic Medical Records. Our programs can help to assure medical, legal, and reimbursement issues are addressed in all documentation of services and can be used for written communication to doctors, health plans, and others reviewing a patient’s rehab care. EMR capability may also support advanced delivery of secure medical records via constantly developing medical communications networks.

Quality Assurance

Programming to assure a high quality of care and customer satisfaction is mandatory in this day of accreditation and competition. To assist us in implementing our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods for QA, we utilize a database capable of meaningful compilation and analysis of Patient Satisfaction data. Leone Rehab Resources can collect patient satisfaction data and generate comparative reports that allow management to assess key aspects of the care and experience patients have at your facility. Regular reports from the system can help managers identify and correct service components to keep your facility running at peak performance for all customer types.

Outcomes Management

Leone Rehab Resources provides outcome data that shows if therapy is effective and whether the patient has met their treatment goals. Over the years we have developed, refined, and continued to utilize practice management tools to guide and measure the effectiveness of our clinical care. We work with you to measure, monitor, and manage your clinical data in order to prove this effectiveness.  We have outcome tools that were developed by our therapists and include guidelines indexed by diagnosis and ICD-10 codes for total patient management, from initial assessment to discharge. These guidelines are designed to provide a rehab delivery system geared toward the maximum functional recovery of the patient.