Leone Rehab Resources

Why Choose Leone Rehab Resources?

At Leone Rehab Resources our focus is you, the client. Our team is here to create an individualized plan specifically designed to ensure that your facility’s rehabilitation program is performing at its highest level. Our experts are always pursuing  continuing education in order to stay abreast of the latest CMS changes in order to help you achieve your goals.

Our Core Values

We are a company of change, innovation and leadership. Our brand, culture, and business strategies are a direct reflection of our core values. By defining these, we are able to better serve you.

  • We have compassion for others and it shows in what we do
  • We support a culture of learning
  • We honor our legacy by embracing individual opportunity
  • We promote health and well-being
  • We strive to do the right thing

What Is Our Goal?

At each Leone Rehab Resources location, we enjoy being a valued member of your healthcare team. We play an integral part of your journey toward providing the best possible rehab program to your patients while maximizing your reimbursement and profitability. This is not just a message, it is our company’s mission. Every LRR employee will focus on your facility’s unique needs. We apply sound experience; contemporary science; dedicated, individualized time; and a commitment to excellent customer service to our work. We do this in a professional environment and take every concern seriously, yet apply our expertise with kindness, communication, and compassion for each individual patient. Thank you for choosing us to be a vital member of your healthcare team!